Originally from Philadelphia, Mat was first educated as an ecologist, doing forest research in the jungles of Panama and the Caribbean. After being introduced to Design with Nature (McHarg, 1969), he turned to Ecological Design, receiving Master's degrees in architecture and landscape architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. In the years that followed, he would see travels and professional practice in Australia, The Fiji Islands, and Switzerland, where he began an academic career in architecture, teaching design foundations at the ETH Zurich. While making a video documentary of Swiss artist Carlos Matter, he became fascinated with material process, and soon after began his career as a fine artist. His first venture was in multimedia installations, influenced by the film montage emerging from Surrealism, Constructivism, and the Bauhaus, with early influences from El Lisitsky and Lazlo Maholgy-Nagy, the former with whom he shares a birthday. Over the last 20 years, Mat has explored a number of media, working from memory and the subconscious, influenced by the natural world, aerial photography, and overlay mapping gathered from his experience in site analysis and planning, creating what he terms “geographic assemblages”. 2021 MetaCarbon Farm, Artist in Residence 2017 James Oliver Gallery, Philadelphia, JOG 10, woodcuts, bas-relief 2012 James Oliver Gallery, Philadelphia, ArtNude, Photography 2010 Salon 1522, Philadelphia, of other topographies, sculpture and print installation 2010 James Oliver Gallery, Philadelphia, Curator - The Architecture Show 2009 James Oliver Gallery, Philadelphia, Occupations, Painting 2008 James Oliver Gallery, Philadelphia, The Pop Art Show, Painting 2005 Fenario Gallery, West Chester, PA, Video Installation, with Billy Yallowitz 2001 HERE Art Gallery, New York City, Multi-Media Installation, COSINE, with Heather Raikes 2000 Temple University Tyler School of Art, Multi-Media Installation 1997 Sulzer Turbine Factory, Zürich, Switzerland, Kleider Boerse II, Multi-Media Installation 1995 Zurich Stock Exchange, Zürich, Switzerland, Kleider Boerse, Multi-Media Installation